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A guideline how to prepare graphic designs for our offset printing house in a proper way:

- Max. print for B2 format- 480 mm x 690 mm.
- Max. print for A2 format - 410 mm x 600 mm.

- We need min. 3 mm for bleedbox (min. 5 mm of bleedbox for a hardback or glued paperback).

- Texts, and also photos and graphics should have 5 mm of margin (unless they run off the printed page).

- Graphic designs should be prepared in colour space CMYK and/or Panton.

- The most recommended format for graphic designs is PDF with trimbox (marked expected page format).

- PDF files shouldn't contain form fields or annotations.

- If PDF files contain bitmaps, they should be prepared with the resolution of 300 DPI for colour and at least the resolution of 600 DPI for black-white print.

- Fonts should be embedded in the document or all texts shoul be in curves.

- A file should be composed of all (separate) pages e.g. of a catalogue or a brochure arranged in  order 1,2,3,4,.. etc. Alternatively, we allow every page to be in a separate file (the solution for very big files).   

- The "effects" from CorelDraw programme should be changed into bitmaps, otherwise we cannot take the responsibility for their accurate projection.

- Paint limit 300%.

- Please, notice that  thicker books sewn with a wire are automatically narrowed by the imposition system which narrows pages by cutting the spine in order to avoid visual effect of "pushing" out the inside sections.

- The files should be uploaded onto our FTP. You can get the access (login and password) by sending an inquiry at:

- After uploading the files onto our FTP please inform us about that at:
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